My website now support embeddable graphs as well, which can be accessed for all graphs through the menu. An example can be seen below:

It has been an interesting technical challenge to make it works properly while still being hosted entirely as a single page application on GitHub.


I’ve had some issues due to the entire app being a single HTML file. First off, google will not index URLs that only differ in the search path component (ie. the stuff after ?) in a URL.

Previously I used URLs of the form ?Chart-PartyLineChart, google will not detect that as a different URL and will only index a single page. You need to prefix it with an actual query parameter name. Like this ?p=Chart-PartyLineChart. This it will pick up, and allows you to index all the pages on your app, while still being served only by a single static index.html file.

Routed Paths

However, since I wanted URLs of the form, I needed to find a way to make that happen while still hosted on GitHub pages. I had no luck doing this through the 200.html file, which does not seem to be supported.

Instead I had to resort to creating a directory and copy the main index.html into that directory, for every path I wanted. While a bit cludgy, this works well, and allows to work as a link.