Me standing on a pier, photo
A portrait of me (Hampus Nilsson) on a Pier.

My name is Hampus Nilsson and I work for a company called Computas in Oslo, Norway as a Software Engineer. I am an expert on many web & mobile technologies. Among them JavaScript, React, iOS/Swift and Go. I am also a certified Google Cloud Architect as well as Google oData Engineer.

My main strength is combining my understanding of business and user interface design, with very deep technical knowledge. I always work to make the best possible product, and I am surrounded by great people with a diverse set of skills that makes that possible.

I work mostly on an architectural level. Defining the solution, and when I sit down to code it is to make the parts that are most critical. Either due to difficulty or due to business needs. My main goal is that the best solution is the one that requires the least maintenance, both in assisting users and requiring developer effort.

In my free time I enjoy photography (Fujifilm enthusiast), reading (currently the Great Century by Jan Guillou), hiking (one of the best things about living in Norway) and seeing new parts of the world.

Board member & organizer of the Mobile Era Conferance in Oslo, where I work on a very diverse set of tasks, from managing speakers and the program committe, to finances and website design.