Today I launched a new service, which is mainly aimed at Swedish people, but I’ll share it here for those it might concern. It is a service that allows you to browse the results of opinion polls back to the year 2000 interactively

This is a single-page web app built in HighCharts and ReactJS. The features right now are quite bare-bones, but are the ones I find most useful. A compilation of all parties current standing on the first page, the ability to look back 16 years, and to look at a single party for more detailed statistics, like trends.

I was inspired by other sites like, but these have a heavy focus on one party. While I want a more general tool to browse all the relevant data in one place and look at historic trends.

The main feature that I’d like but that I have not implemented yet is the ability to filter out certain institutes from all graphs (right now you can do it per graph), but not for the entire view your are looking at.

Secondly, I’d like to give people the option to link or embed a specific graph on another site. So you can more clearly illustrate your point by linking an interactive graph.

It’s hosted on Github pages, and with a ‘unique’ top-level domain. Which hopefully makes it stand out in people’s memory a bit more than other sites. On a personal level, this was a fun project because visualizing existing data in creative ways is always a fun exercise. And making comprehensible yet complex graphs is a challenge.