It’s becoming more and more clear that the future will be dominated by Apple products. Despite the preachings of popular media, the numbers speak for themselves. Apple is dominating the mobile profits to a degree that rivals that of Microsoft’s PC market share in the late 90s.

If we look at how Microsoft did in the 80s and 90s. We can see that there were challengers, like how Android is now. But they were squeezed out over time, leaving us with only a single, ubiquitous actor. The situation is not exactly the same though, because Apple is dominating profits, not in overall market share. We move towards a future where Apple will have the mind- share (it is a relatively safe assumption to make that the people who buy the iPhone are more upper-class than lower class, if nothing else because of the price point) of the market.

Will we ever get to the place where new apps are released at the same time for Android, Windows Phone and iPhone. Or where the profitability of Android is the same as iPhone, it does not look like it. Which means iPhone is the market to be in for the ferseeable future for software released for mobile.