The homepod was announced as shipping in two weeks yesterday. The product looks great, and allegedly delivers some amazing sound for it’s slim size. But I can’t help but be struck by how soulless Apple’s press photos are for the product.

Black HomePod speaker on a white shelf, white a white wall behind it.
Fill your home with love.

It’s so grey and bleak. Press photos for the Apple Watch and the iPhone are very human, with focus on how people love and use this product. But for the HomePod, it’s all sterile, white and black, with nothing but white shadows to indicate the presence of anything. Is the product only useable in Jony Ive’s White World?

HomePod in white room, with waves in the air indicating sound.
It's so engaging in the White World.

I hope the music it renders has more life than the marketing, and if previous generation of Apple products are any indication, it will.