Screenshot showing the interface of The first screen of the wizard is depicted, with Mother & Co-mother selected, and the name of the Mother is typed out as 'Sara'.
The first screen of the wizard, see it live at

This tool (Translated “Parent’s Agreement”) is one of the things I’ve been building at work the last few months. It is a web app made entirely in ReactJS, and allows separated couples to draft a cooperation agreement for custody of the children. It is a wizard in which the parent’s can enter the details of how they like to split the time with the children during the week. And finally they can print copies of the agreement to be signed.

It’s been a interesting project to work on thanks to the focus of making a very polished finished project. And I really like how it turned out. I’ll follow up with posts about how some of the details were implemented, and the intricacies of using React for a fully contained web app with a strong focus on accessibility and responsiveness.

Right now it’s only available in Norwegian, but there is support for English that will be available soon. You can find it at

If the URL changes in the distant future, the app is mirrored here.