I finished a small update to my currency exchange rate app, which shuold be live on the app store in a few days. It now includes an Apple Watch companion app, which in my honest opinion is quite useful. It allows you to convert between currencies rapidly. Obviously only useful while traveling, but nice to have in those cases.

Screenshot of the iPhone app Currencer
The iPhone app interface. Clicking a row will convert from that currency.

The interface is very simple, it present a pager with all the currencies you have selected as favorites in the iPhone app and buttons to input a number to convert. It will convert to a currency selected on the last page of the interface.

Screenshot of the Apple Watch app Currencer, showing currency conversion Screenshot of the Apple Watch app Currencer, showing selecting the currency to convert
The Watch app interface, swipe to change currency.

It’s nice to finally have time to update one of my own apps. And I feel motivated to work harder on my own projects over the autumn. Hopefully there will be more interesting things to show on the blog in the future.

You can find the app in the App Store. It’s free now so no reason not to try it!