It seems like Safari on iOS 9 will support Content-blocking extensions (requires developer login).

This is a very interesting enhancement to the browser. It definitely is a strong privacy statement to allow this kind of extension. And I will love installing it on my phone once it becomes available, as I already run AdBlock on all my computers.

This will however make it easier than ever for users to block internet ads. Apple’s agenda behind this is probably part improved user experience (who likes ads), but also to funnel advertisers like newspapers into using either Apple News or making specialized apps instead of doing online advertisement.

I wonder if this is an abuse on the side of Apple, because they certainly will never allow you to block Cydia apps that block iAd in native apps. If the only way to do ads in the future is through native apps, it will be a monopoly with Apple at the reigns. But preventing this from happening means accepting a worse user-experience.

In the longer run this will lead to new business models for websites and apps, forcing everyone into either subscription or in-app purchase models. Unless there is another way of making money that noone has discovered yet.