After a way too long downtime, I’ve put up the blog again.

I’ve changed from wordpress to use a Jekyll, which is a static site generator (because that’s the hip thing to do now). Main benefit of this is I can edit posts offline in a text editor, which I much prefer to Wordpress. Of course the drawback is that there is no interactivity on this site. If you want to provide feedback you can instead tweet at me or send me an email.

Also, because it doesn’t use any server-side logic, it’s dead-simple to host, preview, backup and the data format (text files) is extremely stable over time. I just wrote a trivial bash script to build and sync the directory to the remote server. It’s literally two lines:


jekyll build
rsync -a _site/

I store the source for all posts on my personal Dropbox to handle syncing between different computers. The only major problem is that there is no way to build the site from mobile.